AP-08781 Cartridge Phos-zorb 30 1pk

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Eliminates cloudy water.

API PHOS-ZORB cartridge eliminates cloudy water and helps reduce the maintenance of the aquarium. Phosphates can cause cloudy water and dirty aquarium glass and gravel. PHOS-ZORB remove phosphate and silicate, common nutrients found in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

All SUPERCLEAN power filters cartridges are densely filled. The double layered pad removes debris (mechanical filtration).

Use when testing indicates the presence of phosphate (> 0 ppm / mg/L) or silicate (> 0.5 ppm / mg/L)

For SUPERCLEAN 5-20 power filters

  • Item #780H Phos-Zorb (1 PK)

For SUPERCLEAN 30 power filters

  • Item #781H Phos -Zorb (1 PK)

For SUPERCLEAN 50 power filters

  • Item #782H Phos-Zorb (1 PK)