AX-20354 Reefdoser tripple controler

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Reefdoser tripple controler

The reefdoser triple can independently control 3 dosing pumps. The interval controller allows to adjustment the duration and the on/off cycle for each pump over a broad time span – from seconds to days. It can automate many tasks in an aquarium, such as regular dispensing trace elements and fertilizers in salt- and freshwater aquariums, controlled addition of calcium and bicarbonate into coral reef tanks, accurate dosing of Kalkwasser into coral reef tanks, or automatic feeding with live phyto and zoo plankton.


Rated at (15.5 ml/30 seconds), approx. 0.52 ml second.

Minimum Dosing: 0.52ml every 99 hours and 99 minutes.

See Specifications for larger dosing amount.

Always use non-return valves on each inlet and outlet to hold prime.


Santoprene hose and drive wheel are not covered under the warranty.