AX-20402 Plankton Reactor (zooplankton reactor)

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Plankton Reactor (zooplankton reactor)

Zooplankton cultivation unit. Many species of salt and freshwater zooplankton can be cultivated in the plankton reactor. The zooplankton is fed with micro-algae from the plankton light reactor. The zooplankton has great growth potential: under optimal algal nutrition the number of rotifers (Brachionus) may double over four days. Brachionus is the ideal food for raising many marine fish larvae and invertebrates in the saltwater aquarium. Contents: plankton reactor approx. volume 2.5 liter (c. 0.65 gal), wall bracket, and connections for air pump.

Dimensions: 3.2 in. diameter, length 32 in., 1/4 hose connections