BS-00100 Small Animal Lab Blocks 33lb.

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Small Animal Lab Blocks 33lb.

Our special integrated range of vegetarian rodent lab diets was developed to be nutritionally complete for various life stages from breeding through long-term maintenance.  Traditional rodent lab diets frequently contain excessive amounts of nutrients that are now known to be not only unnecessary but deleterious for optimal health, particularly in long-term maintenance studies.  Global rodent lab diets contain levels of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals that are more appropriate to the needs of modern biomedical research studies.

Furthermore, particular attention has been placed on avoiding as far as practical ingredients that are reported to have adverse confounding effects on experimental results.  This has resulted in a range of rodent lab diets that contain:

  • No Fish Meal
  • No Meat Meals or Meat By-Products
  • No Alfalfa Meal
  • No Soybean Meal, or reduced levels
  • No Animal Fat

By excluding animal by-products, the presence of nitrosamines (known potent carcinogens) is avoided.  Exclusion of alfalfa meal reduces chlorophyll, improving optical imaging clarity. Reduction or removal of soybean meal, together with elimination of alfalfa meal, minimizes levels of naturally occuring phytoestrogens.  Phytoestrogens interact with endogenous estrogens and can potentially affect studies in many research areas. Read more about this in the “Formula for Success” article accessible from the table at the top of the page.