CL-41014 5/16″ 6″-8″ LP Adj. Collar RWB (red white bone)

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Coastal’s Li’l Pals line of petite pet products are designed specifically for puppies and toy breeds. Adjustable collars, harnesses and matching leashes are soft, comfortable and stylish. Smaller sizes and an extra narrow width provide just the right fit for pint-sized pooches. Little pups are special and Li’l Pals are made especially for them.

Blue Argyle
(BUA)Blue ArgyleBlue Leopard
(LEB)Blue LeopardBrown with Flowers
(BBY)Brown with FlowersDaisies Multicolor
(DMC)Daisies MulticolorFlames Black
(FMB)Flames BlackGreen Dots
(GND)Green DotsLight Blue Paw
(LBP)Light Blue PawPink Skulls & Crossbones
(PSC)Pink Skulls & CrossbonesPink Zebra
(ZPK)Pink ZebraRed & White Bones
(RWB)Red & White BonesSpecial Paw Brown
(SPB)Special Paw BrownWild Flower
(WDF)Wild Flower