CS-00710 Reptilite Natural White 10lb

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The worlds best Calcium substrate

An all natural calcium substrate; ideal for true chameleons or any tortoise, snake, lizard, arachnid, or insect that comes from an arid or semi arid environment. The naturally spherical grains won’t scratch your valuable animals inside or out! There are no artificial dyes or chemicals in Reptilite™. This low impact substrate also contains strontium and magnesium while being free of silica and phosphates. Though not intended as a food source or supplement, it is 100% edible and easily digestible. In fact, Reptilite™ is made of aragonite, the most soluble form of calcium carbonate available. Reptilite™ also contains naturally occurring strontium, which recent research indicates may increase bone density. Trusted by professional reptile breeders and hobbyists alike.

Quick Facts
  • Comprised of unique round grains – won’t scratch reptiles inside or out
  • Easier to digest – more nutritionally
    available calcium
  • Safer – small grain size and rounded shape means less chance of impaction
  • Cleaner – over 99% pure calcium carbonate
  • Dust Free – no mess, no inhalation danger