LE-20059 Kritter K connector tube

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Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, dwarf hamsters and mice.

By nature, most pets love to tunnel – they will delight in exploring the bridge created by Lee’s Connect-a-Tube!
Connect one Kritter Keeper to another and double habitat space in an instant!
Use one Kritter Keper for food and reserve the other for nesting and sleeping.
“Think of it as a hallway to a whole new apartment.”

Connect-a-Tube FITS the following Lee’s items:

20020 – Kritter Keeper, Medium, Rectangle
20025 – Kritter Keeper, Large, Rectangle
20086 – HerpHaven, Medium
20088 – HerpHaven, Large
20045 – Reptile Ranch, Round
20050 – Reptile Ranch, Small
20055 – Reptile Ranch, Large