NI-80408 8 oz. Bell Bottle

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Small animal water bottles
Stainless Steel drinking tube and ball-point tip
Double-Ball vacuum-valve tip
Color tinted for easy color coding

One of Oasis’s most popular items is the Bell-Bottle. The wide variety of gem-like colors guarantee that pretty water bottles are available in favorite tints to pleae everyone. Bell-Bottles are rigid (formed using breakage-resistant rigid styrene plastic), and hold water well. Complete with color coordinating caps, stainless steel drinking tub containing two stainless steel balls, and mounting bracket.
Suitable for up to three rats, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and similar “pocket-pet” type animals. The 8 ounce Bell Bottle will serve several mice.

The size and shape is easy to handle and it fits well on most cages available on today’s market. The wide variety of gem-like colors guarantees that you will have an attractive water bottle in your favorite tint. Water drips caused by temperature fluctuations are greatly reduced due to this unique rigid design (the more rigid the bottle, the better the vacuum is held.)