PI-10030 Frog&Tadpole Food 1.2oz

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For fully aquatic frogs, Pisces Pros provides a soft and easily digestible diet that respects the fragile nature of these animals. Aquatic frog and tadpoles have delicate digestive systems and a thin esophagile lining. Regular hard dry pellets can tear that lining and negatively disrupt the frog’s digestive system. Our pellets are manufactured with 20% moisture. This makes them soft and hazard free. Not only that but our formula excites even the most stubborn frogs to feed.  Loaded with lots of protein and a full panel of vitamins and minerals , pisces frog and tadpole food will be the only aquatic frog food you use!

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Min Protein  36%
  • Min. Crude Fat 14%
  • Max. Crude Fiber  2.5%
  • Max Moisture 20%