PP-06193 Turtle Topper Above Tank Basking Platform

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Maximize usable space of your aquatic turtle habitat Increase swimming area & healthier filtration for turtles Turtle basking platform doubles as observation habitat Turn your standard aquarium into a stunning turtle habitat! Innovative above-tank basking platform maximizes swimming and lounging area for active turtles. Observe your aquatic pets in their natural element as they explore underwater, hang out on the submerged resting platform and climb up the access ramp to nearly a square foot of basking space. With the Turtle Topper, you can use larger, more effective filters so your turtle’s environment stays healthier with less maintenance. Turtle Topper fits most standard rectangular tanks up to 55 gallons (or 12″ wide), mounts securely with adjustable suction cups, and cannot sink with the weight of your turtle(s). See-through polycarbonate lid gives you clear views of your pet and features two mounting rims for clamp-on light fixtures. Easy access door also allows penetration of UV