SC-81260 JurassiFruit Strawberry 250ml

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JurassiFruit™ is an all natural scented appetite stimulator. Our research has shown that many reptiles, primarily herbivores, are attracted to natural fruit scents/odors, such as strawberry. Simply spray JurassiFruit™ onto any food item to elicit a feeding response. Ideal for all reptiles, especially herbivores (tortoises & iguanas). Available in strawberry and banana scents. To renew the interest of finicky carnivores, try our garlic-based JurassiGuard™.

While strawberries and bananas may be a delicious treat for your animal, they don’t necessarily have a lot to offer in terms of nutritional value. Strawberries have a Ca : P ratio of 0.8 : 1 and bananas have a ratio of 0.3 : 1. Too much of either could easily throw off the proper 2 : 1 Ca : P ratio in your animal’s diet. Because JurassiFruit™ has only the scent and flavor of strawberries and bananas, spraying JurassiFruit™ on highly nutritious foods is a good way to give your animal a treat while not adversely impacting their diet. Conversely, you could try dusting strawberries with JurassiCal™.


Spray food before feeding. There is no danger of overdosing so use as liberally or sparingly as you find best suits your animal.


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